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The 6 Stages of Divorce

When you handle your own divorce, you take on the responsibility of understanding and successfully navigating the Texas divorce process. Texas Divorce Toolkit is here to help!

Texas Divorce Toolkit breaks the divorce process down into 6 manageable stages. We use video tutorials, checklists, and other tools to walk you step-by-step through each phase. You save time and money – and avoid many headaches – by using our time-tested process versus going it alone.

Here is a quick overview of 6 stages of divorce:

Stage 1

Get everything together before filing the initial documents
There are some things to do before anyone files for divorce, and there are things you can do now to move the process along more quickly.

Stage 2

Prepare & file the initial court documents
Preparing the documents is not hard, but it is detailed and varies between counties. Also, sometimes you are required to file electronically.

Stage 3

The Waiting Period - mandatory 60 days after filing
Wait?!? No one wants to wait! During the waiting period there is a lot you can do to keep this moving. No need to stall out now. Finalizing your divorce on day 61 is possible!

Stage 4

Prepare the final decree of divorce & related documents
The court signs the final decree, but when you DIY your divorce you are responsible for preparing this document. 😲 Deep breath.You can do it. Let's dig in!

Stage 5

Finalize your divorce by obtaining Court approval
Make a court date. File your final decree and the supporting documents your court requires. Show up. Say the things (we give you a script). And THIS IS DONE. Boom!

Stage 6

Wrap up all the little details and your divorce is done!
There are some final things that need to be handled at the end - changes of beneficiaries and creating child support accounts are just a few. We have handy checklists for you.

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